Spitfire (SPC) token was launches to raise some funds to further develop the project as it is not only time consuming, but requires outside investments as well.

Token was created with 100,000,000 limit with long liquidity lock as well as governance.

There is 6% split to 3 dev wallets.

   * 1st wallet containing 5% or 5 million tokens and is used for incentives such as airdrops. It is not a locked wallet.

   * 2nd and 3rd wallets are unlocked dev wallets at 0.5% each for partially financing the project itself.

To prevent whales and dumps, we only allow of 0.05 to 1 BNB purchases. With softcap at only 25 BNB.


Launch of website and token to help fund the project

There was an idea and then there was a start. We have launched token to help in raising capital for the project. Augmented Reality demo video is available. Application is still being developed. NFT integration is not available at this point yet.

Further raising funds for app development

Several itterations and updates on the app,
 First marketplace for collectables. First steps where backers can actually participate and use in trading 3d models as well as using them in AR.

Developing Application for NFT collectables

Our goal is to develop an app with NFT collectables for WW2 planes at this point and possibly expand in other vehicles.


Spitfire Mk IX 1942

Role: Fighter / Photo-reconnaissance

Manufacturer: Supermarine

Designer: Joseph Smith

Introduction: June 1942 (Mk IX)

Retired: 1955, RAF Primary user Royal Air Force

Produced: 1942–1945

Number built: 8,996 (20,346 total)

Variants: Seafire, Spitefull, Seafang.

Spitfire Mk Vb Trop

Role: Fighter

Manufacturer: Supermarine

Designer: R.J. Mitchell

Introduction: 1941